The art of photographing women

Whether you want to shoot female models as your wife, your girlfriend, a friend, a sister or your neighbor, there are some useful principles to sublimate them (which is often demanding).

Firstly it is important to free yourself from any discomfort!

Although the equipment – cameras, lenses, film, filters – is important in the process towards a good picture, it is equally important to understand the subject. The photograph must ask himself what he expects from a photograph, the problems that can sustain during a shooting, the best way to illuminate the model and to highlight its most interesting features while hiding those less so.

For example you may wonder: how to make a portrait in the guise of a sweet woman, feminine and romantic or sensual and aggressive..

With lighting effects you can bring life and vitality to her look, make her mouth attractive or longer legs. How to make it appear thinner or more “rounded”, how to make her skin smoother, softer, more tanned, paler, her hair shiny … In short, a woman has a thousand reasons to be beautiful and radiant in front of your camera, you have to trust yourself and put the model in the center of your attention.


Creating an atmosphere that is frivolous or serious is an important part of the photographer. The hair and makeup will also bring an important touch to the image depending on what you are trying to achieve. Accessories like a veil, hat or motorcycle will enhance or attenuate the atmosphere established.

A simple tip but which in fact can make a difference is the use of a simple black background because it can give a remarkable effect. Indeed with the unique use of a photo flash the textures of the photo will be subtly highlighted. Or a soft light, slightly felted will simply detach the model of the black background.

Whatever the reason you want to photograph female models for, it is essential to know and study your subject. You must observe a face or a body carefully to determine the best features and the best angles. Examine how light affects your subject: it softens or hardens, improves or deforms. Remember that every centimeter of your light placement is important.

You can choose a lighting from above to highlight a surprising hairstyle. A very soft and uniform illumination allows to highlight the delicacy of a perfect doll face for the advertising posters of beauty products. A carefully chosen and balanced lighting is what makes a good photo studio.


It can be hard to stay creative day after day, year after year, so it’s important to never be afraid to take risks, to put the model in a trusting atmosphere for her to express her feelings and statements in the best way she can, giving things she did not considered before.