Casting studios rental

Offers & rates

e-paris studios offers on a surface of 50 m2, two casting studios with 2 waiting rooms for rent. These casting studios for rent are perfect to accommodate your fashion, beauty or advertising castings.

We offer a personalized service to casting directors, ensuring the success of their cast in a warm and professional atmosphere and
High speed Internet 500mb/sec

A first 28m2 casting studio has a bluish gray cyclo with 16 individual controllable daylight lamps. The camera is also connected to a life encoding MP4 device that gives you beautiful crystal sharp images.

Our second 22m2 casting studio is more compact and has 3 individual controllable Kinoflo light sources. The camera is also connected to a life encoding MP4 device, that compresses your takes into crystal sharp films.

We provide compressions clip fusions and music edit for your casting if needed.

You can count on us to have your casting ready and uploaded in
high compression quality by the end of the day .

Our studio casting 28m2























Our studio casting 22m2