Organize successfully your casting:

First of all, it is important to know the definition of the word casting. Then a few advice will follow for the Casting Directors.

A cast is a selection for one or more respondents find candidates to the needs of a production. (Long in the film, advertising film, photo shoot, fashion show etc …)
Organized by the production itself, or by a “casting director” mandated by the production, the cast is limited in time and is done by following several well defined stages: casting publication, pre screening and final decision.

Some reminders for casting directors:
Firstly it is important to receive the artists in a suitable place. Indeed, in order for them to give the best of themselves and your cast to be successful, it is best to make the audition in a spacious room, quiet with a neutral décor. For example the e-paris studio casting studios (link to home page) with lighting and professional equipment are ideal. Once found and book, rental dates for the casting studio will match your casting dates.

Once found and book, rental dates for the casting studio will match your casting dates.

Then, the casting must be advertise, here are some important points to be addressed:
Project type, role(s) to be filled, dates, location/shooting area and if you will pay or not defray travel and meals. Ask to receive several pictures (specify angle) and cv or a web link. If there will be no compensation it must be said immediately. Also, give an email address (prefer a specific address for this cast).

Find an assistant to support you, it can save a casting day. Also if there is scene to be played, he can be a great help.Bring a camera or camcorder that you can mount on to film auditions. A camera to take pictures in portrait and foot.

On the day it is necessary to arrive at least one hour before the cast to have time to set up everything.